Rehabilitation centre in Nakodar 

Before you decide to start the treatment of your loved ones in a rehabilitation centre in Nakodar, you first need to understand the perspective in psychology of an addict.

There are many factors that contribute to addiction; these can be genetic, environmental, or influential. So, basically, an addiction is categorised into four stages. If you are in the force two stages then there is a probability that you can recover without going to a rehabilitation centre in Nakodar. But in the stages after the second there is a probability that you need to go to a rehabilitation centre and start your treatment real quick.

Understanding the different stages of addiction before starting the treatment

Basically, addiction is categorised into four stages.

The first stage

The very first stages of experimentation. In this very stage, the person is curious to try out the first sample of drugs or alcohol either due to peer pressure or in a race to try something new. The experiment stage has no negative impact or consequences. The person tries out the things for the first time without recognising their harmful impact in the long run. Once these substances make them feel good they will try to use these products again and again. This will eventually lead to the second stage.

The second stage

In the second stage, the person’s dependency on using drugs with alcohol increases. This often leads to dangerous habits like driving while drinking or sleeping for longer hours or insomnia. Some people during the stage often develop guilt or feelings of shame. This works as an excuse to use the addictive substance which soon results in 3rd stage.

The third stage

Once you start consuming drugs or alcohol on a regular basis there is a tendency to increase the risk of using it. With time you will become obsessive. To quit the reality of life you will start consuming these on a regular basis with a high volume. The craving will become unbearable and they will come at a time when you will not be able to control yourself and will start just to find your actions.

The fourth stage

The final stages of addiction. Now you will be completely dependent upon the substance and will be ready to take any risk for it. Your body will start degrading and you will suffer from different health and mental issues.

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