Rehabilitation centre in Pathankot

Many people fall into alcohol addiction. Peer pressure and easy availability often lead to the wrong path. Too much alcohol consumption can affect your physical and mental health. In many situations it often causes mental illness or depression. If used continuously it increases the risk of developing depression or depressive disorder. 

We at our rehabilitation centre in Pathankot offer you the best treatment at the most affordable price. Alcoholism or other substance addiction not only impacts you but your entire family. 

Does alcohol cause depression? 

The fact is alcohol is a depressant, and it’s over consumption can often lead to depression. Alcohol slows down the process in which your brain thinks. It also slows down your breathing and heart rate which impact The functioning of your brain. Alcohol consumption lifts your mind and you feel free and liberal under its consumption. 

Alcohol is a depressant doesn’t mean that it can directly create or cause depression but yes drinking too much alcohol or getting addicted to it can result in depression. Many people have mental health issues and the drink lifts up their feeling of anxiety and depression. Drinking alcohol once in a while doesn’t affect you however its addiction can result in different hurdles. 

You start performing poorly at your school or office, it impacts your relationships, and other physical problems can often lead to depression or anxiety. 

During such time we at our rehabilitation centre and Pathankot work on dual diagnosis programs and treatment for addiction and mental health issues. It helps in reducing stress disorder, bipolar disorder and depression. Our treatment process results in acute stress disorder treatment by polar disorder treatment depression treatment ocd treatment and other therapy sessions. 

Our Rehabilitation centre in Pathankot

Our rehab centre in Pathankot offers you quality treatment at the most affordable pricing. We understand that alcoholism can be a serious problem and you might be wondering how to deal with it? No worries as now all you have to do is call our rehabilitation centre in Pathankot and our team will help you out with the best possible solution. 

We have treatment programs for every individual depending upon their current situation and affordability. We offer you five star facilities like luxurious room AC and non AC options, Tea and coffee availability, single, double, triple occupancy rooms. Along with this, we also have gym rooms, space for recreational activities only for you.

Every morning we have yoga and meditation sessions under the expert guidance. The instructors teach you about the right breathing techniques that help in controlling the urge to use addictive substances.  Our team members are highly efficient and know how to deal with the patients. They are quite helpful and engage with the patients in the right manner. They know how to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.

Call us now and know more. 


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