About us

The purpose of the New Life Foundations is to help those who want to be a break free from drug habits. Our way to get rid of intoxication is very comfortable and painless. We know that the habit of drug consumption is very dangerous, this habit leaves an impact on a person’s body as well as his social life and family. Due to the habit of consuming drugs, the body becomes very weak, in the end, the person has to suffer many dangerous diseases. That is why we have pledged to help such people, who want to start their life again by giving up drug addiction.

At New Life Foundations De-addiction centre, we have a team of excellent and experienced doctors who specializes in treating all forms of drugs. Our entire staff takes full care of each patient so that he does not feel lonely and has no trouble in the difficult journey of quitting the drug.

We always try to create such an environment in which any person can easily abandon the habit of the drug. We also teach all our patients how to do yoga because yoga helps a person to make changes in his thinking, and this also reduces the desire to get drunk.

We encourage all patients to give up drug addiction so that a Drug-Free society can be created. Today our youth is suffering from the bad habit of intoxication, we have to make all of them aware of the ill effects of drugs so that they stay away from the Drugs.

If you are also suffering from drug addiction habit problems and want to quit it, then you should come to the New Life Foundations. Our expert doctors will do their best. Contact us and get rid of your addictive habit.


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