De-addiction centre in Amritsar

De-Addiction Centre in Amritsar

De-addiction centre in Amritsar – It is a fact that addiction can always be harmful to a human being when it comes to drug addiction, then it makes things better to worst. To cure people of the addiction of alcohol, drugs, and from the habit of any medical drugs, New Life Foundations is there at your services.

Treatment centres serve people who have become habitual of drugs. It has succeeded in this also. It meant to be cure mental illness, alcoholism, and drug dependence. De-addiction centre in Amritsar is the first de-addiction centre of the town.

So if you are finding an excellent de-addiction centre for your near and dear one then our Rehabilitation Centre in Amritsar going to be the best choice for you. First of all, we will try to find the answer to the question

What things are required to consider while choosing De-addiction centre in Amritsar?

Everyone loves his or her family a lot, and any family or friend is looking for treatment? Then we always make sure to provide them with the better facility and better doctor.

However, when it comes to choosing de-addiction, then one has to bear lots of situations because one right decision can make their life and the wrong decision can ruin their life.

  • We need to consider many things while choosing the best de-addiction centre.
  • What kind of medicine and treatment gives to the patient?
  • What is the behaviour of staff members towards the patient?kinds of the facility is provided by the de-addiction centre?
  • What kind of process involves curing the patients?
  • kinds of activities are there for the patient at the de-addiction centre?
  • What is the quality of the food which serves the patients?
  • What is the location?

Please, while deciding on the best de-addiction centre, find the answer to the above-given question. Because we cannot do experiments with the life of our loved ones, we must make the right decision in one go and they get rid of drugs quickly. Thus, if you join De-addiction centre in Amritsar, then you will answer all mention questions in positive.

What type of process follows this centre?

Our De-addiction center in Amritsar provides all kind of services for all kind of people

  • Registration – Whenever any patient comes to De-addiction center in Amritsar. One has to register for us. It is essential because the latter on it helps us to keep the record of the patient. The proper register maintains. We keep both entries manually and on the computer.
  • Assessment- After registration, our medical team examines the patient properly. They try to know about the root cause and assign the treatment as per the report of assessment in this process, a simple method is being followed. After this assessment, we maintain a register to keep everything.
  • Shist them towards –  Now we know the condition of the patient with having the assessment report. We shift them inwards.
  • Facilities – All our wards have all facilities, but we do have some particular room like with AC and all. However, equal attention is paid by our staff members one more thing. Our De-addiction centre in Amritsar does not believe in discrimination.
  • Visitor meeting:- We have decided some hours in the day so relatives or family member can meet patients in these specific hours. No one is allowed to see the patients apart from meeting hours.

The facility of Recreational activity: – it is essential to divert the mind of the patients from drugs if we want to provide them with better treatment.

For this, they need some recreational items. There is one big room in our de-addiction centre, which divide into two sections is for reading .patient can read books newspapers if they want to write anything they can write and another section is for games.


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