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De-Addiction Centre in Shimla

De-addiction centre in Shimla – Drugs are chemical compounds which, when consumed, alter the way the body function. Drugs prescribed by physicians to cure diseases and some time to enhance physical and mental capacities. However, psychotropic drugs involve the risk of the patient becoming dependent on them.

Repeated use of a particular drug is bound to have a profound effect on the functions of the brain, the dopamine level in the brain is increased, causing a feeling of relaxation coupled with pleasure.

What are the reasons to choose our De-addiction centre in Shimla?

We have many valid reasons to give why one should choose us.

De-addiction centre in Shimla has cured many different patients who have been suffering from the disease of the drug. So, all we need a place where all can get successful treatment, and we must say that New Life Foundations is the best place for you.

•     Best facility in the town: – We provide the best facility because we have not only well-qualified doctor, but we do have all the ultra-modern facility also. In De-addiction center in Shimla, both traditional and modern approach are be followed as well as we have provided the best treatment to those who are leading healthy life nowadays. Now, they are away from the entire harmful element.

•     Better lifestyle: – Our De-addiction centre in Shimla provides the best lifestyle to the patients of our Nasha Mukti Kendra. Either in the term of food or accommodation .we have the best arrangement for all things. We have the best room to live and the best food to serve. We also use the feedback box in which if patients have any problem, then they can put in the feedbox arrangement of yoga and others

•     Activities:- Proper classes have been an arrangement of yoga class. There is one expert trainee who comes evening and morning and provides two hour class of yoga. This class is compulsory for all. There are many other activities that perform by our trainee daily. So, we can keep all patient healthy and fit because of De-addiction centre in Shimla believe the only healthy body can fight with all the diseases.

•     The prize for all winners: – Competition is arranged by authority time to time and winners also awarded with the prize. It is to boost their morale and will power.

What point should be considered before choosing:-

•     Quality of staff: – it is essential to know the quality and qualification of the staff. Only qualified staff can provide proper treatment to all. Whenever you decide to choose any Nasha Mukti centre, then confirm the qualification of doctors, nurses and counsellors as well. In this centre, all staff member are well qualified and have a degree from affiliated college and university.

Approach: – What is the approach because if the approach is positive, then it puts a positive impact on the patients, but a negative approach can ruin the life of adductors. What kind of approach Nasha Mukti Kendra follows and here approach means the behaviours’ of the Kendra towards patients

•     Result previous: – what is the ratio of the result and how much success they have got in previous cases. If they have more than 95 % success then only one should join that Nasha Mukti Kendra. Our De-addiction centre in Shimla has more than 96% result.

     Location: – location should be at their where one can reach easily. So in an emergency, it should be easy to approach the place. Although we offer free pick and drop. Yet. There is excellent transport facility available. Our De-addiction center in Shimla is best which can tackle all kind of patients effectively.

•     Arrangement of the proper seminar and counselling: – we arrange seminar time to time where we give the option to deliver a lecture and aware then how drugs can be harmful to them. In these seminars, the participation of all patients is essential.

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