De-addiction Centre in Shimla

De-Addiction Centre in ShimlaDe-addiction Centre in Shimla – New Life Foundationss is one of the best De-addiction Centre in Shimla for all types of drug addicts. We offer patients the most specialized facilities according to their preferred medications and drug range. Our team consists of an equally dedicated staff of excellent psychologists and physiotherapists who work day and night to keep patients to heal and healthy. Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Shimla provides many other facilities such as outpatient care, online care services, counselling, and detoxification. In addition, we also provide family counselling for drug addict families. So, why are waiting for it? Dial +91 9815474150 and make your life addiction free.

Best De-addiction Centre in Shimla

New Life Foundationss is a Government recognised De-addiction Centre in Shimla. We will help patients find new good habits that can definitely help them overcome their drug addiction as well as lead a healthier lifestyle. We provide a low proportion of all patient-counsellors to maintain the quality of treatment being provided.

Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Shimla has been ensured to be equipped with basic rehabilitation infrastructure so that it can cater to every need of the patients admitted to the centre. Visits are made by the government to check and ensure the quality of facilities and services. Interactive activities are performing every weekend at our De-addiction Centre in Shimla to ensure that the patients do not relapse into drug addiction.

What are the reasons to choose our Best De-addiction centre in Shimla?

We have many valid reasons to give why one should choose us.

  • Best Place to visit – Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Shimla has cured many different patients who have been suffering from the disease of the drug. So, we need a place where all can get successful treatment, and we must say that New Life Foundationss is the best place for you.
  • Best facility in the town: – We provide the best facility. We have not only well-qualified doctors, but we do have all the ultra-modern facility also. In the De-addiction centre in Shimla, both traditional and modern approach are being followed. We have provided the best treatment to those who are leading healthy life nowadays. Now, they are away from the entire harmful element.
  • Better lifestyle: – Our De-addiction centre in Shimla provides the best lifestyle to the patients of our Nasha Mukti Kendra. Either in the term of food or accommodation .we have the best arrangement for all things. We have the best room to live in as well as the best food to serve.
  • Activities:- Proper classes have been an arrangement of yoga class. There is one expert trainee who comes evening and morning and provides two hour class of yoga. This class is compulsory for all. There are many other activities that perform by our trainee daily. So, we can keep all patient healthy and fit because of our Best De-addiction centre in Shimla believe the only healthy body can fight with all the diseases.

De-addiction care, counselling, and treatment

To get rid of drugs and negative habits well, it is important for them to understand the consequences of their actions. In order to bring these thoughts to the mind of an addict, one first needs to understand what is going on in the person. This is important for patients who feel safe and can fit into this environment. If they do not get this environment, it is possible for them to become addicted again.

Therefore, our best De-addiction Centre in Shimla strives to ensure that drug addicts get rid of drugs and that those seeking treatment under the care of a rehabilitation canter have a safe place to return. Thus, we take care of every patient and try to open their eyes.

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