Rehabilitation Centre in Mandi Himachal

Rehabilitation Centre in Mandi HimachalRehabilitation Centre in Mandi Himachal – Nowadays usage of alcohol and substance abuse has become a big problem for our society. Therefore, New Life Foundationss offers the best addiction treatment programs to patients depending on their conditions. We are a leading Rehabilitation Centre in Mandi Himachal for substance abuse. Our effective as well as reliable addiction treatment program support by professional doctors and counsellors who have years of experience in treating addiction. However, the World Health Organization designs our addiction treatment program. We are taking a holistic approach to each patient’s condition and help him or her towards his or her total recovery.

New Life Foundations – Best Rehabilitation Centre in Mandi Himachal

New Life Foundationss has earned a great international reputation for its commitment towards safe as well as confidential treatment. People from all over the world come here to make their life free from addiction and intoxication. Our addiction treatment program is a 12-step program. It is supported by yoga, meditation, and other medical inputs. Our De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal is also affiliated with leading addiction treatment providers worldwide and works with many organizations and NGO’s in India or Abroad.

Start your Journey to Recovery from Addiction

New Life Foundationss also consider as De-addiction or Rehabilitation centre of alcohol and substance abuse. We specialize in alcohol or behavioural addiction.  Moreover, our Rehabilitation Centre in Mandi Himachal is a private Non-Profit organization which is promoting by our experienced doctors.  Actually, the idea to start this organization is to help the youth of India who is facing or struggling with addiction and want to make their life free from drugs. Counselling, Awareness is also a part of our addiction treatment and the doctors, nurses, counsellors at our Rehabilitation Centre in Mandi Himachal has vast experience in treating intoxications.

Confidentiality in our Treatment

Visiting any addiction treatment centre is looked upon as a Taboo. Therefore, confidentiality is a top-most priority for the addicts who have visited an addiction treatment centre. Whether it is drug addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment, confidentiality is always the top-most priority to carrying out effectively.  As per the latest survey, around 15% of people in India drink alcohol. Anybody can become an alcoholic and age or education will not matter. An alcoholic is the one who drinks alcohol frequently. But it is a harmful disease and situation can go from bad to worst. Therefore, we New Life Foundationss has come with the best addiction treatment program under the guidance of WHO to help the society from this evil, so they can live a healthy and drug-free life. So, if you or your family member is also the one who is facing drugs or alcohol addiction and looking for the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Mandi Himachal then we would suggest you explore your idea options with New Life Foundationss.

Branches in India –

  • Haryana
  • Himachal Pradesh (Mandi, Shimla)
  • Jammu Kashmir
  • Amritsar
  • Jalandhar
  • Ludhiana
  • Punjab


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