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Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla

Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla – To solve the problem of drug addiction, we need a stable platform so that this problem can eradicate from the root. Thus, New Life Foundationss works with purpose, and it is the aim of the Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla to provide the best treatment and best ways so they can keep away from young one from this completely.

What are the plans of our Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla?

First of all, we want to make aware everyone about Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla so people who are not from Himachal they can easily know about our de-addiction centre and get all the benefits which are being provided by the Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla continuously. Apart from our Rehabilitation Center in Shimla, we have other branches which have been serving people for many years. So you can contact any of them as per your conveyance.

Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla is the best and renowned addiction centre. It contains all kind of services.

  • The proper facility of canteen as well as food
  • 24-hour emergency
  • MBBS doctors
  • Certified counsellor
  • Proper care on the diet of the patients
  • No mobile phone is allowed to patients
  • One ordinary phone for all
  • Proper discipline
  • Detox therapy
  • Alcohol treatment
  • Heroin treatment
  • Time table for all three meals.
  • Particular room for a visitor.
  • Proper time table of the meeting.
  • No outside food is allowed.
  • Fruit and milk are served for every patient.
  • Yoga classes morning as well as evening
  • Mediation
  • Proper session of counselling
  • Art class
  • Big room for reading newspaper, books, as well as magazines
  • One standard room to watch TV
  • Ac facility in all room and rooms are airy as well as neat and clean.
  • Separate washroom for male and female
  • Ambulance service with free pick and drop

Why join us?

  • 100 percentage result-oriented approach
  • Able to handle all kind of patient with all kind of addiction
  • Moreover, It is one of the legal branches of de-addiction.
  • Rehabilitation Center in Shimla has won many awards for their extraordinary contribution.

Effects of drug addiction

Excess drugs have many side effects

  • Makes person weak mentally as well as physically
  • Leads to many social and economic issue
  • Cancer and other serious aliment take place due to drug addiction.
  • Illegal activities increase with the supply of drugs addiction.

Drugs addiction is the biggest issue no de-addiction centre can control it alone, and Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla asks you about your help and support so our combined methods can remove this devil from our society, country and state. Now it is a great time to understand the responsibility towards or nation  However, sometimes we trap in the net where we get wrong treatment which can be harmful more than the drugs. In such a situation the Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla request, you be careful while choosing a rehab centre so you can provide the best of the treatment to your nears and dear ones.

Whenever you need to check any the efficiency of the de-addiction centre first of check the past result of any de-addiction centre. What is the quality of the food, which serve the patient?

What kinds of technique or ways are used to handle critical patients?

In conclusion, drugs addiction is taken to stay away from tension and worries. However, the end of the day it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to teach them about the side effect of these toxic products. Rehabilitation Centre in Shimla is the best choice of all drug adductor, so it is our request to join our de-addiction centre. This is the motto of our centre that if you surrender yourself to us, then we will give you good health which is going to free from all addiction. One-third part of our Indian population is suffering from this addiction. This problem is increasing day by day.

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