De-addiction centre in Haryana

De Addiction Centre in HaryanaDe-addiction centre in Haryana – Drug addiction is common. It can be easily seen among people almost everywhere. It not only ruins the family member but also put the effect on the progress of the family. New Life Foundations is the best place to cure addiction to drugs. Drugs put a terrible impact on the economy as well as the peace of the country.

No doubt many organizations are running to remove the drugs and our De-addiction centre in Haryana is putting its steps to eradicate drugs from society.

What are the side effects of the drugs?

  • Drugs are the kind of blot which needs to clear from the society and the world whole. Because they create a big hurdle in the way of progress.
  • Drugs addiction destroys the peace of the family.
  • Addiction makes a person finically as well as physically dependent.
  • Excess consumption of drugs may take the life of the person.
  • Diminish the ability to decide on the person.
  • Drugs addiction leads to the crime rate.
  • It also destroys the career of many persons because some due to the lousy company, many people fall in the bad habit of drug addiction.
  • Drugs addiction causes many harmful diseases like cancer, respiratory problem.
  • Addiction encourages smuggling other illegal activities in the state.
  • Drugs addiction creates dispute in society.

Methods of treatment of the De-addiction centre in Haryana?

  • Special alcohol program:-There are many different ways to treat the patient who takes alcohol. There are many traditional and modern methods to cure the patient. One is the detox method in this process. We clean the internal body from the entire chemical, and it is beneficial because it gives a kind of new life to the patients. If you want to take an online class, then we do have that facility, but it is not much more effective. Excess drinking leads to anxiety and depression among people.
  • Three times counselling in the week: – The primary purpose of the counselling is to find out the reason of the problem and what kind of methods we can provide to the patient by knowing his capacity of patience. Counselling increases the excellent power and develops the sense that yes they can quickly leave the habit yes, it is possible by counselling we provide them with a positive attitude towards life.
  • Hygienic and nutrient food: – Good food not only helps us to keep healthy but also gives us the stamina to fight against every disease. We use organic fruits and vegetable to serve, and food is cooked under the hygienic conditions.
  • Big rooms with ac:– We have big and large rooms to accommodate many patients at the time, and there is the proper facility of ac in all rooms, as well as all rooms, is airy and neat and clean. All rooms contain all the necessary facility.

Other Facilities –

  • 24-hour emergency and customer care:- De-addiction centre in Haryana has 24-hour emergency service and customer care. Moreover, patients can come at any time. Doctors are available 24 hours, and our Rehab centre contains all tool and facility which are require handling the patients in an emergency. Calling facility is also there 24 hours any doubt and any query you can call to direct our number.
  • Maintain all the records: – We maintain all the records. So we can use them for the emergency of the future and can help the patients if they need any help in the future. We use digital as well as the manual platform.
  • Proper discipline and system:- Proper discipline and system followed in our De-addiction centre in Haryana. There is a proper time table for medicine and food as well as the time of sleeping. No mobile phone and outside food are allowed in De-addiction centre in Haryana. This is just because of that so we can avoid any accident or mishappening in our rehabilitation camp.
  • Work to serve: – The aim of our centre is simple and easy to serve society. Our team is always dedicated to achieving this goal. So we can say that we have a small contribution to the progress of society.


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