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De-Addiction Centre in Ludhiana

De-addiction centre in Ludhiana – Nowadays, we are facing many problems in our society, and the consumption of drugs is one of them. It is very harmful because. The main target of the drug is people who are below 40. New Life Foundations is one of the well-known rehab centres that have served many people throughout many years. First of we all have to understand the meaning of rehab centres. Well, rehab means it is a place where one can get training by people to give up his or her bad habit.

Now there is a great need for these kinds of rehab centres because the trend of drugs is increasing among people continuously.’ It is time to take definite steps against this evil. Our De-addiction centre in Ludhiana has taken the pledge to make the society free from this evil, so everyone leads a healthy life.

Among all rehab other Rehabilitation centres in Ludhiana, our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ludhiana will help people cure their addiction through means like medication, counselling, yoga.

De-addiction centre in Ludhiana – How Drugs spoil the life of a person –

When one person starts taking the drug, then he or she is entering the concrete jungle, and it is easy to enter in this but very difficult to come back.

  • Drugs not only spoil the life of a person who takes but his or her family also because they are the ones who suffer a lot mentally, physically, financially.
  • In serve cases, the drug addict can neither lead a healthy life nor survive without these drugs. In this type of case, our De-addiction center in Ludhiana is an expert.
  • Narcotic drugs are the psychotropic product that produces a feeling of pleasure, strength, and superiority, reduces hunger, and lessens inhibitions. (opium, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and cannabis are all come under narcotic)
  • The frequent use of drugs can cause heart attack, lung cancer, or bronchitis.
  • If we see another chapter of this, then we will know about many the fact that it is harmful to all worlds. It is a great business that is run by some people on a large scale. According to one report, the monthly sales in INDIA varies between 100 to 200 core. This needs the attention of the people and the government. Our De-addiction center in Ludhiana always stands by you.

What type of program is following by your De-addiction centre in Ludhiana –

New Life Foundations is known for its unique program, which is followed by it from time to time.

  • This program is not for those who take the drug but also for those who are away from it. We organize awareness camps, so they remain away from this.
  • Our De-addiction center in Ludhiana follows a comprehensive strategy that includes education, counseling treatment, and rehabilitation programs.

We have many experienced psychiatrists as well as the doctor who tries to find the root cause of this addiction and provide them treatment as the need of the patient. Because we believe that 

  • Medicine is not enough; we need a lot more do make them away from this addiction. 
  • We try to work in schools and colleges apart from the rehab centre. Because we think that children should educate about drugs and their harmful effects from an early age, a healthy dialogue should be encouraged between adolescents and their parents or teacher. By this, they both can understand each other.

What type of strategies New Life Foundations followed to cure patients –

  • Our De-addiction centre in Ludhianatries to adopt the simple method to cure the addicted without making them complicated.
  • Our primary focus to give them such an environment in which they get the feel of the home. If they feel good, then we can make healthy communication with them.
  • We provide good qualities of which contain all nutrients that are very important to meet the daily need.
  • We always create a sense of worth among them because if they feel worthy, then it would be very for them to leave this addiction.
  • Our De-addiction center in Ludhiana also focuses on their skill and tries to bring out that skill from them. So, when they get cured of this addition properly, then they can easily survive in the outer world.

Hence, New Life Foundations is doing its bit to serve the society and country. If anybody has any plan or suggestion, .please contacts us.

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