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De-Addiction Centre in Jalandhar

De-addiction centre in Jalandhar – Now, maximum people are indulged in the addiction to drugs because of the easy availability of drugs. This has made a special place in all rehabilitation centres in society. By seeing this fact, we have established one branch of the rehab centre by the name New Life Foundationss. Drug addiction is everywhere without any doubt, but it is seen mostly among the people who live in big cities. Due to the easy availability of drugs in big cities, from this rehab centre, thousands of families and people, get to benefit, so go back to a healthy life.

They all admire and appreciated us for our efforts. They become the strength of our De-addiction centre in Jalandhar ultimately.

Effects of drugs on people

There is no doubt that drugs harm the life people. One has to suffer a lot to get rid of this habit. 

  • One who takes drugs regular basis, then there are many symptoms which can be seen them often like anxiety depression, conflict with a family member, and these things affect the peace of the family.
  • Excess consumption of drugs invites much life taking diseases like cancer, aids, nerve breakdown. Sometimes the result of this is horrible.
  • In this case, along with the patient, his near and dear ones have to bear a lot mentally and emotionally.
  • Drugs have a terrible effect on the behaviour of a person, and drug takers do not feel comfortable in society.
  • Some time due to addiction, they start committing the crime. End of the day, they become criminals. According to one survey, more than 65 % of crimes are being committed suicide just because of drugs.
  • The drug also makes the progress of the country slow. As everyone knows youngsters are the builder of the nation without the contribution of youth, no country can grow.
  • This has become a big challenge for all countries to eradicate this from society.

Why De-addiction centre in Jalandhar is the best for everyone?

Well, there are many reasons why we call that our De-addiction center in Jalandhar is the best choice when it comes to the better treatment of the patients.

We are mentioning some reasons to prove us right.

  • To deal with the patient. Many things require better infrastructure, medicine, and well-trained staff.
  • We can proudly say the De-addiction centre in Jalandhar is full of these facilities.
  • Whenever any patient comes, then we follow a simple process so we can reach to the root cause of the problem as well as provide them with better treatment.
  • We provide health care facilities, is not an easy task. Because it requires lots of effort and demands much attention. Our centre is capable enough to provide that without any delay.
  • Moreover. we have a team of professional doctors’ counsellors who have vast experience in this field and can provide better treatment to all by understanding their problems correctly.
  • We have fully equipped with ultra-modern facilities.
  • Our doctors as well as staff members follow the consistent approach towards the patients and their needs.
  • We provide them with better food and shelter so they can live without any issue.
  • Our Kendra has arranged a meeting with the guardian of the patient, so we can update them as well as get the necessary information about the patient so treatment can be comfortable with us.
  • We have been working with the patient for the last many years.
  • The continuous efforts which are made by our De-addiction centre in Jalandhar have made it one of the leading rehab centres of the towns.
  • We are successful in building the confidence of people in our rehab. We have many success stories to share with all.

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New Life Foundations is quite affordable to all. Anyone can visit us without any hesitation. In a nutshell. We want to say health is wealth for everyone, and we are not going to make any compromise with your health. We always try to follow the best of advice.  If you have any query and suggestion. Hence, please contact us on our given number.

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