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De-addiction centre in JalandharDe-addiction centre in Jalandhar – With the increasing trend of people in western culture, a new problem has also arisen in India, which is drug addiction. If you look around you will see millions of people who are struggling with drugs. However, Punjab too could not escape this problem. Today’s youth are increasingly addicted to drugs, which is a cause for concern.

From the rich to the poor, everyone is struggling with drugs. Drug abuse causes people to suffer from many diseases and is ultimately the leading cause of death. Therefore, If a person wants to give up drug addiction, he should seek the help of a drug rehabilitation centre like us.

Best De-Addiction Centre in Jalandhar

New Life Foundationss is one of the best De-Addiction centres in Jalandhar. At our centre, we treat people of all classes and ages who are suffering from drugs and alcohol addiction. We look for the reasons the patient started taking drugs and then took the most appropriate course of treatment so that we can help the patient to give up drugs.

We’ve often seen people start taking drugs under certain circumstances –

  • The main reason is the lack of jobs in our country. Most of the youth are unemployed even after getting a good education. Being unemployed, they turn to drugs.
  • Mental disorders can also lead to drug abuse. He tries to get rid of these problems by having drugs.
  • Another thing to do is that drugs are easily available in our country. Drug addicts are on the rise.
  • Drug abuse in songs and movies. Today’s youth are greatly influenced by movies and songs, but they also promote drug use.

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jalandhar

Our De-addiction Centre in Jalandhar has mentioned various symptoms which are present in almost every addict. If one recognizes these symptoms, he should be admitted to our De-addiction Centre in Jalandhar, so that he can give up the drug habit.

  • When a person becomes addicted to drugs then he cannot stop himself from consuming that substance.
  • The addict knows that the substance is harmful to him, yet he continues to use it. For example — everyone knows that excessive cigarette smoking can cause respiratory and chest diseases, but people still do not stop using cigarettes.
  • The addict can go to any lengths to achieve drugs.

Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar

Addiction is a deadly disease or habit so it needs to be treated in time otherwise this habit can take a terrible form. Most young people are suffering from drugs which makes it difficult to treat them. It can take a long time for a person to break free from drug addiction. We, then, provide long session services. At our Best De-addiction Centre in Jalandhar, we have a team of expert and experienced doctors who help the drug addict to quit so that he can start his life again.

We use certain methods of drug treatment that have been shown to help the addict quit.

  • Most of the time we follow the process of detoxification. This includes removing drugs from the body of the addict and disposing of them. For this procedure, we take the patient out to our De-Addiction Centre in Jalandhar.
  • We also use the counselling process to treat addiction. In this, we try to change the attitude of the person struggling with addiction towards using the substance. This method has been very successful.
  • The main goal of our drug detox program is to help people who want to quit drugs. We want them to be able to start their drug-free life again.
  • However, The aim of the Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar is to create a society where all people live a healthy life and there is no place for drugs in that society. For this, we also conduct seminars in schools and colleges in which we make the youth and children aware of the dangers of drugs.

If you are also struggling with drug addiction and want to quit, come to our Best De-addiction Centre in Jalandhar and we will help you.

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