De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal

De-Addiction Centre in Mandi HimachalDe-addiction centre in Mandi HimachalNew Life Foundations is one of the renowned rehab centres of the town. It is also that it has cured many drug adductors with their efforts and their modern way of technique. Many cases are being solved, which are being considered very dangerous. It is the best place. If there is anyone whom you know that need the best rehab centre, then you can choose our De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal without any fear.

Why choose our De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal?

Vest service of food and accommodation: –

The De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal offers an excellent facility to its patients, and the best of food is offered with the consultation of a doctor.  Three meals serve the patient’s proper time without any delay, and we served a snack, which includes various things. With all facilities, we have a big kitchen in which if anybody wants to cook, then they can cook. But with the permission of the authority outside food is not allowed at the De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal.

Apart from this, we have a great space with a big garden and office. We can handle more than 500 patients at one time without compromising anything.

Team of trained and well-qualified doctors: –

We have a team of well-qualified doctors and nurses. All are degree holders, as well as working in this field for the last many years.

The behaviour of nurses and doctors is always polite and caring. They all are committing to patients entirely, and they aim to provide the best treatment to the patients. They have proved this and still proving it.

Treatment methods at our De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal: –

We cannot ignore the fact. The condition of every patient is different from one another. The doctor of our de-addiction centre provides treatment as per the requirement.  We have a different technique that can use for different addiction.

The patient is split into three stages.

•           The first stage: – It is for those who visit our rehab centre in the initial stage. We try to provide the treatment by mediation and counselling more instead of medicine. And the recovery rate is very high for such kind of patients.

•           The second stage:- It is for those who have been taking drugs for two to three years. First of all we find the amount of drug which consume by them. Then we examine them properly. Treatment will provide as per the report.

•           Last stage: – The last stage is for those who are suffering from drugs very severely, and they are habitual to this addiction. Sometimes our doctors have to be strict with them. We are providing the best treatment, and we have a 95 % success rate and is considers very high.

Time to time meeting with a concerned person: –

De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal arranges meeting with a family member with our doctor and patients. This family has the authority to ask the question to our doctor and ask about the further process.

The facility of the phone: – The mobile phone is not allowed for all patients. But if they want to talk to their family member then they can call our number.

Value of De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal?

Nobody is there on the earth that can ignore the value of the de-addiction centre because it is challenging to handle who is not in his senses and who does not know what he or she is doing.  In such a situation. We need experts who can handle these types of people because sometimes the behaviour of drug-addicted is very violent.

Then only experts are there those who have experience and the ability to handle them. De-addiction centre in Mandi Himachal has successfully cured many critical cases that come from another rehab centre; if you give us the responsibility of your near and dear ones, then we provide guaranteed results.

It has been providing its correct services for many years. Not only to Himachal but also to the people from other states. If you have any doubt or any questions. You can contact us by mail, or you can visit our website. If you do not have an internet facility, you can call us on our 24-hour toll-free number at any time.


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