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Rehabilitation Centre in Himachal Pradesh

Rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh – Many diseases take place almost daily. Some are due to an unhealthy lifestyle. The best example of this is drug addiction. Now three people out of ten take drugs that bring them closer to death. New Life Foundations has taken pledges to every home free from this addiction. It has taken many big steps to tackle this issue.

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Himachal Pradesh has made a special place in Himachal Pradesh because of the success rate, which is achieved by this Kendra in just a short period. Our de-addiction centre is supervised and planed as well as designed by addiction specialists to help all from all drug-related issues.

What type of Rehabilitation Centre in Himachal Pradesh is giving facilities?

We always try to give our best 

  • The facility of pick and drop: Well, we have a facility of ambulance 24 hours and seven days. Anybody can call us without any hesitation. Call it from any place.
  • Accommodation facility: We follow simple and the same time effective policy of accommodation. We can accommodate one person for more than two months. We have 200 rooms, and in one room, more than four persons can live without any problem. All rooms are big and airy as well as they contain all the necessary facilities which are required.
  • Focus on the quality of food: Our main focus towards food because we believe food is essential and the person can fight with all diseases if he or she is healthy. We provide healthy food, and along with this, we have the proper facility of milk and fruits.
  • Proper medical facility: Along with the food, we also follow the best way to serve medicine. We have particular nurses who are there to give medicine and medicine give under the supervision of doctors.
  • Proper class of different activities: We are there to provide a proper class of different activities. Like dancing, singing, painting .all these classes just for the entertainment of the patient. We have the best trainer who comes to our patient Rehabilitation Center in Himachal Pradesh and gives training to our patients.
  • Waiting room: A parts from rooms and offices we have also waiting room were near, and dear ones of the patients come and meet with the patient and spend time with them without any disturbance.
  • Affordable: – Every person can join us .it is neither too expensive nor costly. 

Why choose us?

Whenever we see any family member or relatives who are taking drugs, then the first question is on our mind where to take him or her. Will he or she get proper treatments?  Will they provide proper care towards him or her? Most important, will he or she be able to leave this. But questions can be of many types but the answer is one, that is the Rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh.

As we not that drugs are very harmful to the life of a person, but it can be even more dangerous for the child, wife, parent’s .drug is taken by one person, but many have to suffer.

As we know that motivation is fundamental and for motivation, we provide guest lecture as well as sometimes we call to those who have won over this disease when they come then they share their experience with and ignite the fire in them leave this habit.

So come and give us a chance to serve you. We see that this works wonderfully.

We follow 100% Result-oriented program

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Himachal Pradesh has a variety of techniques that use in the treatment of the patient. We treat the patient as per their requirement and need. Because every patient has different reasons, then how can the treatment be the same? In our rehab centre, we have the best team of doctor who is always ready to adopt every possible method to help them.

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Himachal Pradesh is also committed to work under the guideline of government. We also arrange camp in villages from time to time and make them aware of our different programs. So why are you waiting? Contact us now.

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