Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar

Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar

Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar – Among many other problems, modern society today face the problem of “drug abuse”. Drug abuse is a misuse of, or overindulgence in drugs resulting in physical or psychological harm to the individual involved in it. To keep them away as well as help them to get rid of this habit New Life Foundations’ Best Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar is available. No one can deny the fact we offer every kind of facilities as well as service which is needed by one who is fallen in the sea of drugs, unfortunately.

How does our Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar help drug addicts –

Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jalandhar helps in many ways

  • We provide proper and timely treatment.
  • We have all modern technique and medicine.
  • Our De-addiction centre in Jalandhar does counselling of patient first. Therefore, they can understand the root cause of the problem and provide them with treatment as per the need of the patient.
  • There are many sports activities which are organized by our Rehabilitation Center in Jalandhar in with the help of the sports they get positive energy.
  • We provide them with a positive environment.
  • We also make them aware of the adverse consequences so the patient can teach others about it.

Understand the effect of addiction –

Before discussing further first, we all have to understand the unfortunate consequence of this addiction. One thing is sure that there is no one on the earth that has any benefit by taking drugs. Moreover, our aim is to teach this to all young one who is addicted. It is essential to know the side effects of taking drugs.

  • Access consumption of drugs makes them physical and mentally weak.
  • They become a burden on the family as well as soceity
    Consumption of drugs is very harmful to the growth of the country.
  • It leads to many problems like seizures, stroke, mental confusion and brain damage.
  • Drugs do not target only the person who takes but whole world, country and society because of the end of the day.
  • Youngsters are the treasure of every country no country can grow without them.
  • Drugs addiction also leads to many crime.65percentage crimes commit to fulfilling the desire to take drugs.

New Life Foundationss is there to serve our society and country as a whole.

Our Alcohol and Rehabilitation Program –

• Our Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar offers many programs though one can avail the chance.

• A proper and timely checkup of all patients is the virtue of the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jalandhar. We try to indulge patients in some activities so they can stay away from this addiction mentally.

• The person who gets treatment from our Rehabilitation Center in Jalandhar when he says bye ultimately to this addiction then we awarded him with the price so he gets motivated for his future as well as can set an example for others also.


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