Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana

Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana

Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana – Founded in the year 2000, New Life Foundationss made its way to be the best Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana. The Founder of the centre started the centre with the vision to combat the spiralling addiction issues of people. However, his strong strive to make this an ideal Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana to get treatment for addiction flourished very well. Our centre provides a safe and secure treatment experience in an excellent atmosphere at very low rates.

We feel proud and honoured for being able to gift the smile to thousands of families through our dedicated efforts. And we believe this to be our ultimate success.

We acknowledge fully advanced treatment therapies influenced by modern medical research as our best treatment method. Besides, our centre has a team of certified medical associates and clinically-proven medical therapies. Our dexterities generally reduce the time span of treatment and increase the chance of recovery of the patients. And thankfully, it has made us the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana. Not only just Ludhiana, but we are also an ideal De-addiction Centre in Amritsar, De-addiction centre in Jagroan, De-addiction Centre in Moga and Phillaur.

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Our Rehabilitation Centre is devoted to serving patients around each corner of India. We continuously providing assuring assistance for the last 21 years. Years of practical experience in the drug rehabilitation discipline entitled us to be the best known Alcohol De-addiction centre in Jalandhar, Alcohol De-addiction Centre in Amritsar, Batala as well as Chandigarh.

Ranging from common to complex, New Life Foundationss handled thousands of cases from all over India. Of course, with the kind assistance of our qualified medical specialists and team, nurses, counsellors, physiotherapists, psycho experts, motivators and other volunteers. Due to our excellence, experience and professionalism, we can truly perform the best treatments for all drug abusers. We don’t hurt or deceive patients’ and their families’ expectations. As we work hard day and night to fulfil our aim of making a drug-free society.

Our Greatest Approach as the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana

Our patients are not alone in the struggle of recovery programs. Along with the sufferer, the entire medical unit of New Life Foundationss also exercises a lot of hard work and spiritual strength. All these fights only for making them able to live a wholesome and sober life successfully. The healthy transformation of patients pays off all our hard work and troubles.

The dedication of our back-end health team and best therapy practices is the prime reason we are the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana. In case anyone wants to figure out the best possible ways or requirements to scrap any stubborn addiction, consultation with our experienced specialist will be the eternally best decision ever.

Our Best Rehabilitation Centre Process

Being the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana, we are entirely responsible for patient treatment and cure. Thus, at New Life Foundationss, our daily treatment session includes 12-step meetings and groups, lectures, relapse prevention planning, individual therapy, life-skills training, meditation, and relaxation groups. Responsible personages at the centre provide daily breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner at set times.

We strive to provide the best treatment approach to all our patients, irrespective of their age or gender. However, every individual addiction demands specific types of treatments. Besides, in some critical cases, it requires special care and attention along with exceptional treatment plans.

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