Rehabilitation centre in Barnala

Get in touch with the best rehabilitation centre in Barnala today. We are one of the leading names in treating people with drug and alcohol addiction. We offer you the best facilities at the most affordable price, starting right from 15,000 and going beyond depending upon your budget and need. 

Our treatment program generally takes 4 to 6 months and is quite effective. With a success recovery rate of 98%, we have helped many patients start a new addiction-free productive life. 

Judgement free environment at our rehabilitation centre in Barnala

Addiction is taboo, and people even today look at addicts as criminals. Don’t worry! Here, at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Barnala, you get a judgement-free environment. The cheerful atmosphere helps in the treatment process. 

The most critical aspect while treating addiction is the environment. So, we make sure that the person gets all the comfort and family treatment over here. We are the most friendly and supporting staff. Our doctors, therapists, counsellors and psychologists are highly trained and experienced. 

Drugs and alcohol treatment at our rehab centre in Barnala 

We see many youngsters and teenagers falling into the free of drug and alcohol abuse and during their lives. We make sure that the teenager gives up drug or alcohol addiction and starts living a healthy and productive life. Our rehabilitation centre in Barnalaorganises regular awareness programmes and campaigns to create awareness about drug and alcohol abuse. 

We try to build a supportive community where people appreciate and encourage each other. You will be pleased to hear that we have talked sessions and seminars with people who have already recovered from addiction. Their stories give motivation to other patients in starting a new life. 

Treatment at our rehab centre in Barnala 

Our de-addiction centre you get 5-star facilities in an affordable range. Whether you are looking for a primary room facility or a luxury is one we offer both. There are AC and non-AC rooms available with attached shower study table and chair, and television. 

We offer you organic fruits and vegetables with no added preservatives. Our nutritionist takes care of every patient’s dietary supplement. A balanced diet chart is prepared, and food is served to patients accordingly. There are both tea and coffee facilities available. Furthermore, we offer pick and drop services to our patients. We also have an emergency helpline number so that you can connect to us on any of the days. To get every detail about the treatment program, contact our experts today! You will be impressed by the facilities and our 12-step treatment approach. Grab the opportunity and start a new addiction-free life today with our professional guidance. Don’t suffer in silence, and take a step for yourself!


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