Rehabilitation centre in Hoshiarpur 

Get to know one of the leading rehabilitation centres in Hoshiarpur. It is one of the best rehab centres offering quality service with the painless approach. We here follow a 12 step holistic program approach and ensure that the patient gets the right treatment under proper guidance. 

Our treatment process is painless and effective. Our treatment process lasts from 4-6 months, depending upon the condition of the patients.

Drug addiction is a substance disorder which can view the life of an individual. This addiction is growing at a fast pace, and many youngsters are getting involved in legal or illegal drug addiction. Many times students or teenagers fall into  addiction due to experiments, they want to try out new things. As a result this leads to addiction.

Types of rehabilitation centres

There are two types of choices for addiction treatment. In an inpatient rehabilitation centre, the patient needs to stay at the rehab centre and get themselves treated. This type of centre is preferred by people who are suffering more. There are various benefits of inpatient care and some of them are listed below;

  1. It completely gives you a break from the stressful environment that you live in and from the people who push you into addiction.
  2. It is a highly controlled environment where it is quite difficult to indulge in any kind of addiction
  3. Here you get complete access to medical care and treatment. You are under the strict guidance of highly trained experts and professionals.  
  4. If you are having any mental health issues they have consultants and therapists who help you out. 

Some of the drawbacks of inpatient care are:

  1. It is a bit more expensive than an outpatient care treatment. 
  2. If you are working somewhere then you are required to put a hold on your job or studies. 
  3. You will be required to share a room with other people and you will need to stay away from your family members. 

Outpatient care treatment

In an outpatient care treatment the patient needs to visit the Riyad centre on a regular basis. In this treatment approach the patient doesn’t need to stay in the rehab centre.

Some of the benefits of outpatient treatment care are;

  1. You can continue to work or go to school and follow your schedule easily. 
  2. In an outpatient care treatment you will be required to choose your treatment providers. 
  3. It is comparatively cheaper than inpatient treatment care. 

Some of the drawbacks of outpatient care are:

  1. In an outpatient treatment you are not in a controlled environment and you can get involved or tempted to use one or the other kind of addictive substance.
  2. An outpatient treatment care won’t give us a stressless environment as you will be required to balance between your work home and treatment.
  3. If someone is into severe addiction then outpatient treatment won’t be effective or impactful. 

It is completely up to you which treatment care you require. You need to make a decision based on your budget and how severe your condition is. You can do a lot of research, check out different options available and take to the rehab centres in Hoshiarpur before making any decision. 

Why do you need our rehabilitation centre in Hoshiarpur? 

Our rehabilitation centre in Hoshiarpur is one of the leading Nasha Mukti Kendra in Hoshiarpur. We best in patient care treatment to our patients at the most affordable price. We offer our patients 24/7 care with the 12 step holistic program approach. 

We have highly experienced and knowledgeable team members who are ready to assist you at any time of the day. They have complete knowledge about the treatment process and how to deal with an addict. 

You can get in touch with us anytime and we will ensure that you get all the information required before starting your treatment with us.


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