Rehabilitation centre in Jammu Kashmir

Call us today, to know about the best rehabilitation centre in Jammu Kashmir.We are highly committed to our service and ensure that every patient gets the best benefit from our rehab . We maintain the complete confidentiality of the patient and make sure that no information is shared with anyone. 

Addiction is still a taboo in our society. People judge you for being an attack or looking for treatment. But we make sure that at our rehabilitation centre in Jammu Kashmir, we get positive, cheerful, and judgement-free. All our staff members are highly supportive and friendly.

Why choose our rehabilitation centre in Jammu Kashmir?

Our rehabilitation centre in Jammu Kashmir is one of the most reliable and trustworthy rehab centres in the area. We offer you high facilities and service at the most affordable prices. Our price range generally starts from 20,000 and goes beyond depending on the facilities that you opt for. 

With a high success recovery rate of 98%, we have helped many people start a new addiction-free life. We make sure that every patient stays at our rehab centre is comfortable and reliable. We have the best and highly experienced team. Here, we follow a simple 12 step holistic and strategic treatment approach. This treatment approach includes detoxification, counselling and therapy sessions, yoga and meditation, after therapies and skill-building activities. 

Strategic and systematic treatment approach at our rehabilitation centre in Jammu Kashmir

In the first step, we first do a quick evaluation of the patient to get an idea about the patient’s physical health. For this, the patient has to go through a few tests and assessments and meet our doctors and counsellors. Our team then does a proper analysis and prepares a customised treatment approach. After the evaluation, we remove toxins from the body of the patient. This process is quite exhausting and lengthy and needs proper care and assistance. There is a medical team available 24 hours to assist you. 

We have time to time counselling and therapy sessions to help the patient stay calm and away from anxiety and depression. We also have family therapy sessions. Every morning there are yoga and meditation sessions so that patients can stay fit both physically and mentally. It is mandatory to attend these yoga sessions. Yoga and meditation help one to increase self-control and determination. 

After detoxification, we focus on skill-building. In this stage, the patient learns new skills like writing lyrics, playing an instrument, photography or any other skill.  There are after therapy programs so that patients can stay motivated once they get back to normal life. For any addict, the crucial part is to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

We guarantee a high success rate and meagre chances of relapse. Our after therapies are pretty effective and efficient. So, without any further delay, contact our experts today. 


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