Rehabilitation centre in Kalka

Addiction is a serious problem but the good news is that it is curable. All you have to do is take a step for yourself and call the best rehabilitation centre in Kalka today. We are one of the leading rehabs in the town offering valuable treatment to the patients. Our treatment approach is quite simple and strategic.

We make sure that our patient gets the right treatment and medication so that they can recover from the addiction and start a new life with their family members.

The treatment process followed at our rehabilitation centre in Kalka 

Our rehabilitation centre in Kalka  believes that proper care and support can help one to get out of addiction. Here, we work on a simple and planned 12-step holistic program approach. Our treatment plan includes evaluation, detoxification, skill-building, counselling, therapies, after therapy, and a lot more. Every morning there are yoga and meditation sessions which are quite helpful in coping with the changes and offering mental peace and stability.

Our staff members are quite friendly and are welcoming. They help you 24 hours a day and make you feel at home. Addiction is quite challenging, so we at our rehabilitation centre in Kalka offer different facilities to our patients so that they can get rid of addiction and start a new life. We make you feel at home and offer the best quality food. We organise regular sessions and seminars where ex-addicts come and share their stories. We have community support groups where patients come and share their stories and talk to each other about life and addiction. This helps them to feel more confident.

Why does addiction need to be cured?

Addiction is a curse in our society. It’s not only affecting individuals but also impacting the entire family and as a result, many homes and families get destroyed.  So, it is very important to get the right treatment so that many lives can get saved. 

Punjab and Haryana are the two worst-affected States in India. Each day many youngsters and teenagers fall into the trap of addiction without realising it. 

So, get in touch with us and we will help you out to the best! Call our team to know more about the treatment process and approach or plan a short tour and meet our specialists.  


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