Rehabilitation centre in Lakhanpur 

Our rehabilitation centre in Lakhanpur, offering prevalent up-to-date treatment to addiction with modern recovery methods and equipment. We have an efficient treatment model with a 12 steps holistic program approach. Our doctors and medical staff are rich in experience and know how to deal with the addiction problem. 

Curable addiction treatment at our rehabilitation centre in Lakhanpur

We at our rehabilitation centre in Lakhanpur follow a blend of medicinal and spiritual treatment approaches. Here, we believe that only medications don’t help one to give up the addiction. Yoga and meditation sessions can do wonders as well. Therefore, at our rehab centre in Lakhanpur, we have time to time yoga and meditation sessions with our experts. Our experts talk about the correct posture and breathing technique so that the patient can learn how to control his addiction urge. 

Our motive is to help individuals learn and control their addiction to give up drugs and alcohol independently. To cope with the changes, we have a team of the best counsellors and therapists who guide you in the right direction. They know how to deal with an addict and offer therapies accordingly. There are family therapy sessions so that the family members learn about dealing with an addicted loved one.

Our 12 step treatment program includes detoxification, yoga and meditation sessions, counselling and therapies, skill-building, and after the program. First, we remove all the toxins from the patient’s body. This stage is challenging for every addict, so to help them cope and not give up, we offer counselling and therapy sessions.

These sessions help in building the mental strength of the patient and keep them calm and composed. At last, we focus on skill-building activities like singing, writing lyrics, playing instruments, and a lot more other skills. This helps in keeping patients engaged and doing something productive. 

At last, we have after therapy programs which is an important step of the treatment program. When an addict gets back to everyday life, it becomes challenging to stay away from drug and alcohol addiction and people who pull you into the abuse.

So, our after therapies help you to stay motivated and strong-willed.


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