Nasha Kukti kendra in Nissing

These days many youngsters are falling into the trap of addiction. Peer pressure and in the race to look cool they often end up taking the wrong path. By the time they realize it, addiction already starts impacting their brain and body.  If you also notice any changes in the personality or the behavior of your child, please contact our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nissing .

Proper guidance and right care can help anyone to get out of it.  There are two types of rehab services one is inpatient rehab services and the other is outpatient rehab services. In outpatient rehab services patients have regular appointments and cannot stay in the rehab centre. These are the patients who have mild addiction symptoms. While in an inpatient rehab service, the patient will stay inside the rehab for the span of 4-6 months depending upon the patient conditions.  In an inpatient rehab service you get high quality food and luxurious facilities to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

What are the symptoms of addiction?

Here are the following symptoms, if you notice any of them do contact us:

1.       Memory loss

2.       Secretiveness

3.       Lying and stealing

4.       Financial unstable

5.       Missing out deadlines

6.       Not doing well at academic or work life

7.       Avoiding social gathering

8.       Red eyes

9.       Weak bones

What are the services offered by our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nissing ?

We at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nissing follow a 12 step holistic program approach. Here, is what services we do offer our patients: 

1.       Detoxification

2.       Counseling and therapy

3.       Skill building

4.       Alcoholism treatment

5.       Heroin addiction treatment

6.       Drug addiction treatment

7.       Smoking addiction has changed.

8.       Substance addiction

Call us today to get more ideas about our treatment approach and what services we do offer. 


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