Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pulwama

Looking for a Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pulwama ? Get in touch with Navjyoti Foundation. We are one of the best rehab in the town offering quality treatment at the most affordable price range. We have been in this business for years and our dedicated and committed service has earned us a good reputation.

With the effective treatment process we guarantee you great results. We have a success recovery rate of 98%. Our treatment process is a blend of spiritual treatment and medication. We believe that only medication cannot help you to get out of addiction. You need proper counseling and therapy sessions along with it. We have early morning yoga and meditation sessions which are quite impactful. These early morning sessions are under the expert guidance of instructors. They teach you about the right breathing techniques which are impactful.

Importance of yoga and meditation in addiction treatment

Yoga and meditation are quite significant for addiction treatment. Both these practices promote strength and physical aspect and mental health relaxation. It helps you to cope up with the changes. Every morning we have yoga and meditation sessions under the guidance of experts. Our instructors have experience and in courage our patients to practice yoga and meditation.

Addiction results in stress and anxiety and only yoga helps during such difficult times. Meditation helps in promoting self awareness and mind relaxation. Meditation helps in increasing the activity of the brain. It stops the mind from triggering depression and security and other adverse effects.

The more activity the brain performs better it starts learning and memorizing things. This is the reason we have skill building sessions in the second phase of our addiction treatment. During this phase,  the patient completely focuses on learning new things like cooking, photography, writing or any such skill.

It’s high time to give up your addiction now and start with a better tomorrow.


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