Rehabilitation Centre in Udhampur 

Drugs and alcohol have spoiled youth. It is so heartbreaking to see many youngsters falling into the trap of addiction. So, to help these lost youngsters, it is the leading rehabilitation centre in Udhampur. We have the best facilities at the most affordable prices. You can get in touch with our expert for quality treatment in a minimum period.

Drug alcohol addiction treatment in our rehabilitation centre in Udhampur

To quit an addiction, you need medication, proper guidance, counselling and a treatment process. Despite strong will and determination, many people fail to quit the addiction. Our rehabilitation centre in Udhampur offers you facilities like pick and drop service, AC and non AC room, organic food, and CCTV coverage.

We have a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, counsellors, and psychologists. They are ready to help and assist you. Our staff is supportive and friendly. We also have an emergency helpline number that can connect to us 24 hours. The treatment process is offered at our 

Say forever goodbye to your addiction at our rehabilitation centre in Udhampur

Addiction deserves treatment and counselling, and we offer our patients the best quality treatment. 

We offer a friendly and positive environment for our patients to learn and grow and get better with time. Our staff is friendly and supportive, and we don’t judge anyone based on their habit of addiction. We understand that there are many stigmas associated with drug and alcohol addiction, so we make sure that the complete confidentiality of the patient is maintained and that no information is shared with anyone.

Along with it, our treatment process is a non-secret treatment process; any of your family members can accompany you during this treatment process.

Our treatment process is quite simple and effective. We follow a 12 step holistic program approach. There are two major components in our rehabilitation centre, one is detoxification, and the other is skill-building. In detoxification, all the toxins are removed from the patient’s body with medication and therapies. This phase is quite exhausting; therefore, there are regular counselling sessions to help the patient cope with the changes and stay motivated all the time.

Next is skill-building; in this phase, we focus on building new skills. There are extracurricular activities so that the patient can learn new skills like photography, playing instruments, writing, singing, etc. Every morning there are yoga and meditation sessions. 

Addiction can be dangerous for the entire family. So, it’s high time for you to book an appointment with our experts to get proper guidance and medication. Quit addiction today with the right approach!


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