Rehabilitation centre in Zirakpur

Call  us today for a quality treatment at our rehabilitation centre in Zirakpur. We are number one. We have to offer quality treatment with the most holistic treatment approach. Getting your treatment under the right guidance and with the right medications is very important. Many addiction treatments fail at the initial stage because of lack of proper guidance. Apart from medication a patient needs to understand why giving a prediction is important and what is the need for it.

Why does addiction treatment require counselling and therapy sessions? 

Addiction not only impacts an individual physically but also, can result in anxiety, depression, self doubt, guilt. As a result the patient becomes suicidal. So it is very important to get the patient to a rehab centre where they can get proper counselling and therapy sessions along with the addiction treatment.

These regulated therapy and counselling sessions are very helpful in coping up with the changes happening inside your body and in your surroundings. Many people fail to cope with the circumstances and changes and give up the addiction recovery process. This process requires property dedication and immense hard work of the patient. During the addiction treatment the patient will suffer from withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, nausea, hallucinations, trembling, and a lot more.

During this time it is very important to keep the patient under 24 hours observation and help them whenever an emergency occurs. In many cases addiction and the recovery process becomes life threatening. People are unable to maintain the work, treatment and life balance. Yes, addiction recovery is not a cakewalk. But you need to be strong enough to deal with it! 

Why are we an ideal choice? 

Our rehabilitation centre in Zirakpur, believes in offering a blend of medication and spiritual treatment. Therefore we have trained yoga instructors and teachers who help you with the yogik exercises. During your yoga session you learn the techniques to control your mind and breath. This is very important and helpful during the withdrawal symptoms or detoxification. 

We have world class counsellors and therapists who are ready to assist you 24 hours. They ensure that no patient has to suffer in pain. Therefore they follow a painless treatment approach. In fact after the treatment process there are regular time slots for counselling in therapy. These therapy and counselling sessions are quite helpful in dealing with the changes and coping up with the surroundings. 

We offer our patients a comfortable home-like treatment so that they don’t miss their home. It is very important for an addict during recovery to feel comfortable. This helps in faster recovery and more impactful results. 

To know more about our treatment approach or if you want to connect with our counsellor and therapist you can contact us today.


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