Rehabilitation centre in Barnala

You need to know that our brain is made up of tiny nerve cells which are quite impactful. These communicate with each other and help in better performance. This includes physical movement, learning experience and interpreting the word around us. These are particularly responsible for feelings, actions, thoughts and learning. 

How can long term habitual alcohol consumption impact your brain function?

Drug abuse has a very negative impact on our body and the same is the case for alcohol. it impacts your brain function and the way it works. If you regularly consume it, your brain will become habitual to it and won’t be able to perform any function without it. You will start to experience withdrawal symptoms and feel unpleasant if you miss it out. Too much alcohol or drops stimulate the neurotransmitters because of which they are not able to function properly.

Choose the best rehabilitation centre in Barnala

Our rehabilitation centre in Barnala is one of the leading and most prominent rehabilitation centres. We offer you guaranteed results and minimum time frame. Our treatment process lasts from 4 months to 6 months to a year depending upon the current condition of the patient.

We believe that every individual is different so we have a different treatment approach for everyone. We also have a 12 step holistic program approach where a patient can learn and overcome addiction. The toughest part of the recovery process is the detoxification where the patient suffers from withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms include vomiting nausea, headache hallucinations and a lot more. During the detoxification phase the patient is kept 24 hour under observation. Our staff members are available outside their room 24 hours to help them out in case of any emergency. Our doctors and nurses are highly efficient and well versed in their jobs.

We have ambulance facilities available in case of any emergency on any day. You can get in touch with our team at any time as we operate 24 hours. For us every life is important and we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. So we ensure that the patient gets a positive and comfortable environment where they can learn and grow. We offer different therapy sessions to our patients from individual therapy to family therapy to group therapy and a lot more. These therapy and counselling sessions help one to cope up with the changes happening inside the body and around. 

Our team has expert yoga instructors who help you with the correct yoga postures and breathing techniques. This helps in controlling your craving or craving for a particular kind of drug or alcohol.


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