Rehabilitation Center in Dalhousie

Your search for an ideal Rehabilitation Center in Dalhousie  is over with New Life Foundation. We are a leading name when it comes to quality treatment in an affordable range. We make sure that you get the best treatment. Here, in our Rehabilitation Center in Dalhousie, we have the best team of doctors, nurses, counselors, therapists, psychologists and staff.

They are well trained and experienced. We make sure that your stay in our de-addiction centre is worthy and effective; therefore, we use an innovative approach to deal with the patients’ problems. 

How do our Rehabilitation Center in Dalhousie of a treatment to addicts

Our Rehabilitation Center in Dalhousie follows a strategic 12-step holistic program approach. The process includes:


The first step after the evaluation is to remove toxins from the body of the patient. This process is quite exhausting and lengthy and needs proper care and assistance. There is a medical team available 24 hours to assist and guide you. 

Counseling and therapy sessions

We have time to time counseling and therapy sessions to help the patient stay calm and away from anxiety and depression. These therapy sessions help one be motivated.  

 Community Support programs

We have a community support program where patients appreciate and encourage each other. There are special seminars where ex-addicts share their stories and experiences. 

Skill Building 

After detoxification, we focus on skill-building. In this stage, the patient learns new skills like writing lyrics, playing an instrument, photography or any other skill. 

After therapy

There are after therapy programs so that patients can stay motivated once they get back to normal life. For any addict, the crucial part is to keep them away from drug and alcohol abuse.  

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