Rehabilitation centre  in Khanna 

Our Rehabilitation centre in Khanna is one of the leading rehabs in the town. Our team members have years of experience in dealing with the addiction and its root causes. What is the most heartbreaking feeling these days is to see youngsters falling into the trap of addiction and spoiling their life. Yes, we understand that as a parent it is so painful to see your loved ones falling for drugs, alcohol or any other kind of addiction.  

We are quite popular in the town and are known for the quality that we offer. We have the best team of doctors, psychologists, counsellors, therapists and other medical staff. They have years of experience, and precise knowledge. 

We offer you facilities like Ac and Non Ac rooms, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food menu, single, double and triple occupancy, coffee and tea facility. We also have pick and drop service.

The essence of yoga and meditation sessions at our rehabilitation centre in Khanna 

Yoga and meditation are the most important elements when it comes to addiction treatment. Yoga is so good for physical and mental health. Every morning there are yoga and meditation sessions under the expert instructors. Regular yoga sessions help one to cope up with the changes happening in their body and environment.

Meditation is quite relaxing and helps in keeping your mind calm and composed. This is quite effective if you are dealing with addiction, it helps you to cope up with the changes. Here, we offer a proper mediation environment where a patient can have their best time. Meditation requires proper technique and our experts know how to help you with that. 

The essence of Community support at or rehabilitation centre in Khanna

Our rehabilitation centre in Khanna is well known and knows every detail. We believe that every individual can overcome addiction with the right treatment approach and environment. There are community support sessions, where people come and share their stories. We also offer individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy sessions. Also, we offer individual therapy to the patients so that they can cope up with the changes. 

There are regular workshops and seminar sessions where ex-members come and share their stories. These workshops are quite helpful as this give you a motivation that yes you can do it. Overcoming an addiction is a tough task but when you have the experts to help you out don’t worry!  So, now you don’t have to suffer in silence when you can have the best resolution to overcome the  addiction. 

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