Rehabilitation centre in Zira

Do you know which is the most heartbreaking experience? It is to see your loved ones into addiction. Yes we understand that the addiction recovery process is quite difficult. With the right treatment and medication, you can recover faster and in an easy manner. 

Call us today and start the addiction treatment. We are here to help you and guide you with the best possibilities. 

What to expect during the addiction treatment at our Rehabilitation centre in Zira? 

Always remember that addiction treatment requires a lot of patience and time. You need to be prepared well for all the difficulties and challenges. Addiction can be quite challenging and it is advised not to expect immediate results. 

Here, are the following that you need to expect during the treatment:

  1. Remember that there may come a situation when a person may not agree that day that they have a problem or addiction.
  2. The addict will be reluctant and will not want to change what they are doing currently. 
  3. The addict person may feel embarrassed and not want to discuss their addiction and what they are going through. They may feel guilty or awkward about the same.
  4. The person will feel awkward in discussing their personal and professional problems with experts like doctors and counsellors. During such times you need to be the real backbone and support your loved ones.
  5. Addiction is tough to deal with but the major problem that it leads to is mental illness. Anxiety depression which can be quite dangerous. 
  6. There will be situations when the addict person will not try to understand you and might get violent or difficult to handle. 

What services are offered by our rehabilitation in Zira? 

Our rehabilitation centre in Zira offers you the best treatment.

 Cognitive behavioural therapy

Addiction treatment it is very important to make an addict believe that their beliefs and feelings matter. It works on helping people change their thought process and behaviour. It results in a positive behaviour pattern. 

Therapy and counselling sessions

Our therapy and counselling sessions are quite impactful. Be of group therapy, family therapy and individual therapy options. Along with this we have other treatment approaches as well. 

Supportive help group

We follow a holistic 12-step program approach. We have support groups where people help each other during the recovery process. These help groups work on promoting the best treatment approach. 

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch with our team and know more about the process and treatment approach. 


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